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    Looking for a good loop at MDR

    Pretty sure you can still bomb down, or try to climb, the ski hills at Snow Bowl. They were open for use back in '08. The JHS xc running team trains on them, and I used to incorporate them into a lot of my rides. Really fun, borderline out of control high speed downhilling. If you follow the...
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    MDR TM-Building Effort

    This is a worthy cause folks! I helped Shaggz and Sparta Brad get the TM effort at Mahlon organized and legit. TFog took kinda took my place when I ran away to Alaska like a scared little girl. It took a lot of patience and hard work to correct the sustainability and trust issues that arose due...
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    What happened to "What are you drinking now"?

    Rogue Doubles So far I've tried: Double Dead Guy Double Chocolate Stout Double Mocha Porter ALL 3 = excellent. I'm thinking Rogue would do well to just eliminate their 'singles', and stick to the doubles. Also just had a Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial Ale that was delicious. Oh...
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    Has anyone taken a bikepacking trip through NJ?

    It's on my old hard drive, which has yet to be ripped out of my old, busted computer. If you click on it, you can get a higher resolution version from my flickr account. The green tangle of trails are all from Mahlon to Berkshire Valley Rd, and the white lines connect that to Minisink Park...
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    Has anyone taken a bikepacking trip through NJ?

    Here are some of the northern trails I mapped out back when I lived there. You could easily make 250 mile +, 95% off road bikepacking trip out of these trails. connections by anrothardonn, on Flickr
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    Mahlon ... Power Lines question .

    The route suggested above will take you to the same singletrack. That beaver dam is sketchy. Used to be much lower. Be careful there in the summer. Beaver dams make great homes for snakes.
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    Tap Water or Bottled Water?

    I grew up with our own well, and drank the well water straight. It was delicious. Then I drank straight philly tap water, then straight NYC tap water, then Stanhope tap, and I've been drinking Alaska private well tap water since I got up here. Of the three different places I've lived here, only...
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    The best prevention is to move to Alaska, where there aren't any ticks.:hmmm:
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    iditarod trail invitational

    Thanks guys! It was a really fun race this year, and my NJ rock garden skills actually came in handy for part of the course. I've got my day 1 report on my blog now, and will have the rest up over the course of the week. Nome next year.:getsome:
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    Will Diablo Continue...

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    Bamboo 29er from BOO

    Belt drive + Bamboo stays = What, like 20.3" long chainstays?:popcorn:
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    seans training blog:

    SPD compatible crampons. They're the bindings and crampons from a pair of snowshoes drilled to take an SPD cleat. They strap onto whichever shoes/boots will be ideal for the day. Trails are icy right now.
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    seans training blog:

    Haha! I totally missed seeing that post, Ben. Obviously... That was just about the smoothest crash I've ever had. Best part of living in Alaska: Having a valid reason to make, own and use these: :getsome:
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    Presta tubes on schrader rims???

    But that small hand pump will work just as well on a schrader valve as on a presta.... :D
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    Its too cold for bike frames!

    Glad you got your bike running again, joe. Specialized are a bunch of shady d-bags. I've heard almost nothing but good stuff about the way their bikes and equipment work, and my BG gloves fit better than any glove I've had before, but they definitely come off as a really shifty company.
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