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  • "time zone differences, or something.. "

    Thanks, Sean!
    That's a good one. You made me smile. We're missing you around here. I've been trying my best to fill in for you by riding all winter on the road(but I don't have a beard to hang icicles on) and by blazing new trails in uncharted territory in the woods(mostly when I veer off and crash through the brush) and I've even ventured into strange new beers, but it's just not the same.:rolleyes:
    What's great and new for you?
    hi,i think you're very lucky! you got an awesome job in an fantastic(beautifull)country.
    and you also know everything about biking too(i mean everything),....take care,bro!!
    it's everything i wanted it to be and more. you should come up for some winter or summer rides. it kicks ass all year round up here.
    How is everything in Alaska bro? The pictures you post are outstanding. Simply beautiful up there.
    dude, i'm in jefferson right now, so you know the weather. alaska rules though. it's been below freezing since mid october, there's been snow on the ground since late september, and i've been xc skiing since mid september. it's the best. my job rules too. i work with a land surveying crew. i basically hike, snowshoe and ride fourwheelers all day, occasionally playing with gps. i don't have a bike here right now, but i might be buying one from fred soon to keep here.

    how has life been? did the shop keep busy enough this season? how was costa rica?
    How's the weather up there? We miss you in NJ. I think about you every time I ride the highlands trail when I'm freezing my a$$ off and think of you wearing shorts:)
    Peace out Cub scout,
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