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  • No worries Joe! Chit happens and nobody died. I'd say that's a good day. This was my 5th year.:D

    Was Connor the 'kid' that tried to pull the chain out? He was okay and smart about it, tell him thanks. I tried to tell others to go the F away and they just didn't get it so that was the most stressing. People see a girl and make assumptions and won't take no for an answer. "I'll get that for you Ma'am. YANK!!" There was a mob of like eight people around me at one time. Thanks for the offer, but lay off! One guy was bending my deraileur while he yanked!! :eek: Did I get freaky? A tad.

    Sunday... one of the girls from my team was having major foot issues and opted to sit out the worst of the climbing so as 'team captain' I was happy to keep her company in the van and pull her through the last 10 miles. We all had fun and my whole team registered for next year. Come join us for our party after the show next year.
    I could tell that you were stressed so I did not want to add to it. I figured that the guy from High gear could help. He told me later that he had to point you to a bike shop rep that got you going. I thought I saw you getting off the SAG wagon at the end on Sunday so I assumed that you still had issues. I know that you were hoping to relive the positive experince from a couple years ago so I'm sorry that it did not work out. All I can say is it is getting to be MTB time so let it go and focus on MTBing. Conor and I will see you at some point in the winter at one of the Sunday AM rides. BTW, he is riding the race at ringwood this weekend. If you go, look for us. The story about you bringing cookies to MTB ride is one of his favorites (he is still a kid). I'm sure he would like to say Hi. Keep thinking circular thoughts!
    did you get back on the road after the rest stop? I think Conor ad I left you in the hands of someone who could help.
    You're so funny. I'd love if you can meet me, but no pressure. Today I'll go to deer park.9:30---I'll be by myself with Katie. Fri. -Heidi will come, not exactly sure where yet, but will prob. post that. Hopefully, I'll see you again soon either way.--Patty
    Hey Cyclopath change of plan Liong and I could not make it tomorrow 4/5 in Wawayanda so I will see you next time either in Ringwood or Jungle Habitat.
    Do you want to go to Wawayanda this Sunday? Jontotman and Lion will be there too.

    are you heading out mtb this Sunday 3/29 ? or what about saturday3/28 better weather?

    Is anyone good @ truen wheels just an question its not serious p.s. im late with maintenance of bike everything is tip top shape but the wheels "living breathing things"
    Oh yea heads up Im going to be slow sorry peace talk to soon
    Thanks for the congratulations Cyclopath. That's the big reason I haven't ride my bike now for more than two weeks and I think it will just gonna get worst when my wife returns to work. So I guess you found out because of my for sale Stumpy bike huh? I'll try to do your recommendation so hopefully she'll let me play my bike once in a while.
    I read what happened in Allaire, How are you doin'? I hope you are all well now and if not, get well soon!
    How are you today (Tuesday)? As I woke up to pain. My cat stepped on my chest bruise. I remembered your injuries and was wondering how you were feeling?
    sounds great. What time are you thinking? It sounds like your teaching will not allow a trek to allaire. Let me knw via PM. I'm flexiable and I have a newbee intrested in rding.
    Merry Christmas Sandy, I hope to be riding with you soon, VERY SOON! lol Thank you for wishing Tommy and I well. You are a sweety
    Hugs, Christina
    What about Jungle tomorrow? Are you interested? If not I'll take Ron to Wawayanda.

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