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  • Hi Jon! great riding with you at RW, and seeing you at DH40. Let's plan a ride soon.
    Hey Jontotman, I missed your message. All is good and i finally got some shoes so im ready to rock! a new addition to the family? CONGRATS!
    Thanks Jon, I'm not sure about tomorrow just yet. I'll see in the morning, but most likely do Waway.
    Hi Jon,

    Are you going to Wawayanda tomorrow? I might be interested but not 6:30am...I went today with my son but he gave up right after sitting bear trail:-( and I had to head home...

    I don't think conditions will be good tomorrow anyway.
    Hey, we've got the whole summer ahead of us!
    What works for us:
    We make a point of giving each other free time on weekends and as needed during the week without grief. It goes both ways and helps us both keep our sanity especially since we like completely different forms of entertainment/exercise. :rolleyes:

    BTW, that's a sweet bike... it's sure to get snagged when people start riding again. It's a tough sell when you can't use it. Beware craigslist...
    I didn't know you were expecting!! It didn't show a bit;)
    Many congratulations to you all. And my best wishes to the missus.
    Tell her how beautiful she is, bring her flowers, make her dinner then ask if you can come ride with us. She won't refuse!:D
    Hey Jon, how you doing? Stop hiding and start riding:) This weather is killing me...I'm going today to Ringwood and tomorrow to Allaire (most likely). I know it's a bit far but conditions are much better.
    Hey Jon,
    Doing awesome! Really, I did some damage, but it is so SO much less than I could have done. I am so fortunate to have full(though still painful) range of motion. Last week, I couldn't raise my arm past my waist. I'd say that's damn good recovery.

    I expect to get on the trainer tomorrow. When I feel good with the reach, I'll hit the road, probably next week. As for aggressive RW, JH and icy trail rides, I really have to wait a week beyond when I know I'm totally healed. I just can't chance nailing either shoulder again for a while. I will be up for milder riding and would be happy to go back to Allaire or LM as soon as I can.
    Hey Jontotman, too bad. Missed yr message but we were working anyways... Thanks for the invite. Let me know next time.
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