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  • Hey Rob. We're doing a ride out of allamuchy tomorrow at 9:00am from tranquility lot. You in?
    p.s. forget the chainring, i'm currently using my compact cranks with a 29t ring. I appreciate the offer though
    Hey Rob. Wasn't sure if you were in for the ride. According to Tom, you were going on a road ride? I bailed on the Allamuchy North ride and will try to go at 10:00 with another group to Deer Park. Sorry if you had intentions of going to the North area.
    Hey Rob. Pat here. Tom and I were thinking of going to allamuchy this Sunday morning. I've been to Deer Park area and didn't really care for it. It was not too technical. We were thinking of going to an area that is technical. Maybe the North area? Not sure. Watched a video on the site and it looked really good. 9:00 if interested.
    Hey Rob. I was wondering if we could meet up soon somewhere so that I could get that chainring. I'm trying to put my 1x9 bike together and really just need that ring to complete things.
    Hey Rob,
    Good ride on Sunday. This is Patrick. If you still wanna give up that 30t chainring, I'll take it. It is 4 bolt,correct? Also, what was the name of that beer you mentioned to me that you liked? I remember it by three letters but can't even remember those.
    Hi Rob, This is Rich Gorman, just making sure we are set for a TV for tomorrow. Tried sending e-mail but got a bounce back - Also, my e-mail is now, prontomail doubled their fees. Looking forward to the Festival, see you there.

    Rich Gorman
    hei they activated my account today, took forever. Noticed u posts on sat evening, looks like i started out about 15 min before u. I'll be riding next wkend as usual, keep in touch
    Hey Rob I can't make it to Waway tomorrow (Sunday 4/19) cuz I have to be home by 11AM I will probably hit Sprain again. Few of my friends will be there tomorrow at 8:AM so if you want to tag along and bring someone who's interested let me know.
    Good Job Rob this morning! Sprain Ridge will really test rider's legs, lungs and most of all your technical skills. It was a good ride today, next Blue Mountain - it's like Sprain Ridge but the place is 10 times bigger!
    Hey Rob where are you riding tomorrow? I'm thinking of going to chimney rock tomorrow morning around 8:30-9:00 am. If you want to come let me know my cell # is 917-892-9531
    Hey Robson wussap? Have you been riding? I haven't been with my bike for more than a week now. I read that you and cyclopath went to Allaire for the Vitamin MTBNJ rides. How was it? Never been there cuz it's a little too far from us here in the north. The only trail that I been to in the South Jersey was the Harthshorne and that trail was fun too. I was reading on the 6 mile run trail thread here and saw your post. I haven't been there too but that trail is close to Chimney Rock. I've been to chimney rock twice and it was a lot of fun maybe when my friends and I go back to chimney I'll let you guys know and maybe we can swing to 6 mile run. Here's a video of 6 mile run check it out and it looks fun. BTW how's cyclopath's shoulder, I will PM her soon and ask her myself. If you see Liong tell him I said hi, Damn I miss riding my bike.
    Hi Rob,
    Yes. I'm good 10am. Wear bright colors in case of hunters and expect mud.
    Kevin should be checking in tonight and I'll see Leigh on the shop ride in the am.
    Do you have/need my cell?- PM'd it to you.
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