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  • nice yea i heard you fell hard and it isnt easy to get up from a big fall i fell to i was passing someone as soon as i passed them i fell flat on a rock and my right knee got beat up but its good now so i am hooked now i did 19 miles last night on the road but i need a road bike the mtb on the street just isnt cutting it well heal that knee up man we gotta get some serious ride time in i wanna be able to kick some ass for next year take it easy bro ttyl
    Hey Angel, I wound up getting 13th out of 23 took a nasty spill at the start finish line, right at the begining, but picked up the pieces and carried on. Heard about your 2nd place awesome job!

    So now are you hooked?

    Hope to be back on the bike by this weekend, Knee still has to heal up.
    hey whats up steve its angel willies buddy we rhode in ringwood 2 weeks ago new to the website just thought i would shoot u a buddy request how did you finish in the race on sunday we left before your race was over i know cat 2 aint ez we gotta go rideing again asap
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