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  • Sup Jesse,
    This is Jon from Ringwood. I may have to take your offer to show me around in Waway soon.
    Hey Jesse,

    I was wondering how are conditions at Waway? I was thinking of checking it out this Sat. Let me know if you've had any chance to ride it in the past day or so. - Manny
    Hey good to hear from you. Sorry about the should give it time to fully heal before riding again. I know it's easier said than done...specially on nice days.

    My summer has been awesome... hitting lots of trails. Last week I hit Blue Mountain in Westchester and had a great time. My conditioning and skill level are getting stronger...however riding Ringwood would be the real test. Let me know when you plan on going. Another place I’ve been thinking of hitting are the beginner trails at Diablo. But I might wait until school starts in September so it won't be so crowded with kids.

    Yesterday I hit Allaire for 3 hours and this morning a few fast laps at Louis Morris before the rain. Let me know when you are riding and would like some company. I am working flexible PT hours over the summer so let me know.
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