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  • i opted out and took the Orange trail. it wasn't that bad. some wet spots but not was your ride
    Well I'll be patrolling at both races so I look forward to seeing you sometime soon. I might be putting together a TM before 10/2, it'll be posted on JORBA.
    Hey Manny how's the arm? Let me know the next time for a ride. BTW, you really need to check out Rhino, it's sweet.
    hey manny - i downloaded your gps of ramapo - will try it this weekend; tomorrow if possible. thnx for the map
    Hey Manny, I haven't been to waway yet but I hear there's still plenty of snow on the ground. I'll try to hit it this week and let you know.
    Hi Manny - good to meet you today at MD, it was fun running Stonegate with a video camera behind me. Oh, the pressure to perform while the camera is rolling! :)

    See you out on the trails...

    good to hear your summer riding is going good. i figured blue mtn would be your type of trail - lots of rollers. right now i'm riding lots of soft stuff at wawayanda and a bit of JH. Maybe starting this week we can connect on some ride - maybe allaire?
    Hey Manny - wondering how your summer riding's going since JH? We have to hit ringwood or JH soon.

    I took another bad endo one week after our ride and dislocated my ring finger (again). Finger stuck out past 90 degrees at the midjoint - I flicked it back into place on the trail and rode home. I'm still riding but riding very scared - even the small technical stuff makes me think twice.
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