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  • Hi Deena!! This Sunday I am working...: ((
    I'd love to ride w u any other time. There are actually 2 Alamuchys. One is Deer park, which is beginner friendly & the other is Alamuchy North, which is not.I know Ally--Sheryl.She'd be great for you to meet & ride with.I've been to Allaire once..also it's too far for me, but worth the trip.--So up to you !! Let's try for another date to ride. I will be putting a girls ride together soon.
    Hi Patty, are you free on Sunday and interested in riding Alamuchy AND is the trail somewhat beginner friendly? I'd like to check out Allaire and I'm thinking about going to allaire for allygadgets ride, but its pretty far and I may need to get back somewhat early so I may not be able to do it. so in my plans are still up the air right now. Do you know allygadget? I'll also ping Robin. Deena
    Thanks! Unfortunately its not me, i'm not sure how I stumbled upon it but I got it from google images. I thought it was pretty cool when I saw it, glad you enjoy it!
    hi Patty,
    i hope all has been well. steve and i were wondering if you and Matty might be interested in giving the two of us a tour of waywayanda. been hearing awesome things about the trails (we only know the race course). thanks!
    may i direct your attention to the rides folder (you can see garmin data on RV too)...well anyway great seeing you today...that was a tough ride but great and if u can take the slowness will ride again next week! xo
    Hi Patty,
    Arm is all healed! I think I'm in for your Friday ride this week - hope the weather plays along.
    hey patty! i would love to join ya, but I just got a teaching job and I have orientation next week. Hopefully I will still be able to get out and ride on the weekends!
    Patty, absolutely!!!! It's a beginner's ride with a few Noobs that have ridden only a few times this year. I'm expecting a very slow pace; hence not extending the invitation to you and Matty; only by resepct.

    You are more than welcome to join us. 8am at the Iron Gate. Feel free to txt me with any questions. 201.274.6441.
    Hi Patty, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me and Fred ride with your crew on Sunday, I had a blast. You are amazing out there and Robin is not far behind.Katie was really cool and smart. I would love to ride again sometime and I`ll bring my doggie Ginger. Thanks Again. I wanted to also thank Robin but I dont remember her screen name so I guess I failed the test. LOL
    Hey Patti, hello to you and Mat. We are riding often now so why don't we all hookup for a ride? We always ride Sat or sun every weekend. Give a call . Tony 914-907-9256
    hey Patty,
    i hope your race went well. details please. i left right after i finished. so, i have your headband - all washed and cleaned. i can mail it to you. thanks for loaning it to me -- it was a life saver!

    cheers --- dorothy
    Would love to, but I'm slammin' busy with work. Actually working as we speak. SO BUMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know how the trails are. Want to get out both Saturday & Sunday. Let me know if you're interested in joining me. Keep in mind, I've been sittin on the couch for the past 3 weeks.
    you went to Way way? to do what? I can't even remember what was going on over there in early Jan wth conditions. The ice on our lake has been great up til Feb so that has been keeping our family busy with pond hockey. Finally it snowed over and we all got on our XC skis. Now awaiting riding season. xo and hope to see you soon.
    Yeah... I saw the weather and figured it was gonna be junk! I'll be watchin some movies while on the eliptical... whee! Friday would be awesome! Let me know.
    Thanks Patty
    Yeah, too cold for me too! Did get a ride in on Tues and now starting to work out at home so ski season will start off strong. Everybody ok here. Will say hello to Jason but we hardly see him anymore as he moved farther away. We bike a few times a year and he has not skied in a few years. Tony
    Hey Patti are you guys still riding? I think I'm finished for a while as the temps have dropped. Anyway, hope all is well. Ciao, Tony
    Hi there!! Healing is slower than I'd like.... I fractured 2 ribs :( We will definitely have to ride as soon as I'm all healed up! Dana
    Pup is cute. A little moody in the transition but now he's eating and is actually pretty easy. The rides that have been mentioned, like the last Stephens one, do u think that would be too fast for me?
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