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  • Hi... Yup I'm actually meeting a group at 9:30a for a pre-picnic ride and I'm sure I'll ride again throughout the day.
    It's already 9am so no can do.. Oh!! and I have a new student at 11am, I almost forgot!! I'd better get my butt in gear!!
    It would be my pleasure, as long as its on a weekend or after 430pm on the weekday
    I know.. I always miss the rides.. Yes.. I work every day... 8-3, and on Weds & Thurs it's 8-4/4:30... During the week babysitters are not easy for me. My mom watches Brodie all day, then works at night. And Jay doesn't get home till around 6 and that is if he leaves straight from work. With it getting darker earlier.. my only option really is gonna be weekends.
    I can ride Saturday... Jay is going to watch Brodster ... Stephens?
    After the railroad bridge, the sign for JORBA had us turn right (we went straight/left) - so we missed about 20 minutes of the ride we did last time (some of the longer/bigger climbs we missed)...still good - rode for about an hour 10 minutes. Steph lead us :)

    Yeah - wish I could make it tomorrow - supposed to be gorgeous!!! Hoping Friday's weather is decent...
    i have been riding , thanks, ringwood mostly as its the closest to me, i get off work at 330 during the week, so the earliest i could be near you is about 430, no later
    Hi Patty, I'll be on the lookout for the Friday ride. I should be able to make it for that one. Hope to ride with you soon :) -Dana
    Hi Patty - I can do either...weekdays are easier for me but whatever works for you :)
    Hi Patti, how is all with you. Good to see that you are still riding.We still have our basic group. Mat wants me to get a group ride together so I will work on that as I am going through a lull right now. Hopefully soon. I will stay in touch. Tony
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