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  • yo bro - I will call you in the AM, I had the same thing last year in my right elbow did the shots they helped - I also completed the PT which really didn't do much, I am now suffering in my left elbow - I think mine is from hitting the trails w/you, reggie and quag all the hill climbing and other stuff we ride
    Hey Stranger !! Me & Robin are riding Tues. morn. (local) Join us if you dare !!!P.

    Hope you're doing well. Need to talk wheels...

    First, here's a pic of the finished bike just before giving it to my sister, Annie... She LOVES this bike! It came out really nice... thanks again so much.

    Tomorrow (Sat, Jul 10) I have a birthday party up in the Northern Poconos, but IF YOU HAVE TIME, I have a set of wheels that I need to build. IF YOU'D LIKE. I could stop by your ranch and we could lace them up together (some time around late morning)... Why don't you give me a call on my cell (908) 303-6887 or email me directly at

    Riding KVSP Sat. morning around 8:30 if interested. Will bring Expresso as always.
    im sure i could get out. did you have a plan? I left my sunglasses in your trunk sir.
    i gotta go fishin in the am with the kids, but i could do a later in the late morning ride. Ill keep checkin here for your response.
    happy fathers day! :getsome:
    I liked it for the SS... I would go with it... customer service for Rock Shocks is second to none I hear.
    hey OX - still at work:cry: will call you if its not to any event have a good ride remember safety first bring a flash lite:drooling:
    I wanna ride!!!!!! Bored out of my mind stuck in my house....going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Sean-- Mon & Tues look like a washout... Prob hit the gym. I'm workin Wed & Thurs, so maybe we can get out Fri. morn.?? TTYS--P.
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