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  • Hi Heidi !!! I did some snow riding, but not in about a month. Little bit of the gym, little bit xc ski.Like everyone else, I'm ready for spring. Look foward to riding w you again !! xxx Patty
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May 2010 bring many Miles of Smiles in your cycling adventures. See you out there on the trais...Matt
    Heidi- you'd be fine on our rides. It's just like any other we've done before. The social rides are moderate pace and we regroup...
    Hi Heidi-- Making plans to ride Stephens on Nov. 23rd. See if you can come. How's the new pup? Hope he's not driving you crazy... Patty
    Wow, interesting stuff! OK, keep me posted, that could work out well. Would love to give you the tour. I am working tonight...what time are you getting home? Call my cel but I might have to c/b.
    hi--I still want to ride tomarr morn, but not sure if Matt is coming or not. We were thinkin o way way-- maybe another little group ride... If he doesn't come--we can still meet-- I can meet you at 9a if that works. I'll know more tonite when i get home.Just givin u a heads up[---Patty
    Hi!! Just signed on for the first time in forever. I might try to go to the Stephens meetup tomorrow, even if it is just to say hello. I think I'll have to bring my kids. So we'd maybe go there, ride a bit earlier, and come by the meeting place at 6 PM and introduce myself. Will post on the thread. Hope you & family are well and had a great vacation!
    Hi Heidi- How is your summer goin? Have you been riding? Do you have any time for your ole friend? Been doin mostly Deer Park and some Kittatiny. Patty Pedals
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