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  • The ride at ringwood was good! I am glad I got my friend and daughter to also attend..thanks for being the sweep...see you on the trails!
    Cool. Let's see how the week goes time and weather wise. I'm thinking Wednesday if you are available around 5:00pm.
    Hi Evan,
    All is well, thanks. How 'bout with you buddy? I'm going to race on Sunday, wish me luck. I've been riding at Tourne during the week after work. Is that ok for you or would you rather somewhere else?
    Hey Evan,
    We're gonna do trail maintenance Sunday with Pixy and co.
    Come join us!

    And you know I'm gonna say Rob at Pedal Sports for truing the wheels. He's quite an artist.
    Saturday Jungle Habitat 10am... wear bright colors.
    Sunday Ringwood Lot C 8am... drink caffeine;)
    Hey Evan
    I have not reached my contacts in Boonton Twp. but still trying. Who knows...it could happen???
    It was a great ride at LM, hope to see you at Ringwood Sat, if the weather is kind to us...
    Hey Evan!
    Yes, John B is really cool.
    You should come out on a Sunday am. We keep the pace good enough to keep you warm on that singlespeed. The ground is frozen and fast at 8am!
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