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    1st harescramable.

    Looks like it was a great time! Bummed i missed it this year.
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    1st harescramable.

    Did you ride the Hammer Run on Sunday? how was it? I wasn't able to go this year. I used to ride Enduros but just do the dual sports now on my Husky 310. I did do the Reading Dual sport on October 23rd. That was a blast! Put it on your calendar next year for sure.
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    2008 Niner RIP Medium

    Your gonna regret it......
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    Garmin Edge 605 $200 at Costco

    Thanks for the tip Jeff! Just ordered mine.
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    Ramapo Mountain Video - HD

    Great video, Thanks!
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    History Lesson

    Good read. Thanks for posting!
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    Mountain Man

    I did this race a few years back and it is great fun! $80? ouch
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    Six Mile Group Ride - October 16, 2010

    I am planning on making this ride!
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    Any dirtbike/quad riders?

    I have a street legal Husky dual sport. I used to race enduros but just don't have the time/energy/money anymore. I like to hit the local dual sport events. Thank goodness for all the great MTB riding in NJ to help me get my offroad fix otherwise I don't know what I would do!
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    Riding in the Rain!

    Riding in the rain is fun! Just make sure you maintain your bike afterwords!
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    Directions to Six Mile Run

    When this was first done I was getting confused in there thinking the orange was just faded red. Eventually figured it out though.
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    Bike Cleaning

    I like to use simple green and a nylon brush on the drivetrain. Comes out sparkly clean. Whatever you do make sure you ride it around right after cleaning and dry it out good.
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    Quick Release Installation

    This is what I always knew to be true but like someone said it really doesn't matter.
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    Bridge over troubled waters..

    Great job on the bridge! Had a chance to ride it last night. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!
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    Does anyone know where the parking area is? This will be my first time up there. Is it on route 207 or Weed road? Thanks.
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