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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    How's Lewis Morris park these days? Looking to ride tomorrow (Thurs) mid day...
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    Upgrade: Single front chainring?

    Currently have a 2 gear front chainring - looking to go to a single. A couple reasons here: 1st, hardly ever use my smaller gear. 2nd - I believe my front derailleur is worn out and dropping down randomly (even after multiple adjustments) 3rd - cleaner look and feel on the bike overall. For...
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Plenty of snow... It's the ice that gets ya...
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Rode the yellow + the northern loop today. About 6 miles. Really nice day out! Trails are in decent shape, some really slick stuff and some areas all dirt. Saw 3 other brave souls out today enjoying the trails.
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I'm gonna take a ride through Lew Mo today mid-day... Hoping the conditions are good.
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Yep trails were in great shape at noon today!
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    LM is in great shape... Rode from about 11-12:30, hit up some of the yellow, red, teal, and the northern loop. Trails are in great shape, although covered in leaves. Only saw 1 other MTB and the dog walking lady... Perfect day out there to ride!
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    Beginner Trails in Somerset County

    The paved/dirt trails at Dukes estate is nice and scenic. Tons of trails - easy to get around. And free
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    Farewell Chris Schilling

    Didn't know him... but it's a very sad story. My condolences to the friends and family.
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    FunMondays @ Chimney Rock

    Have fun tonight! You guys riding again next Monday?
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    anybody hear about theft of bikes up in Sussex County recently?

    Crazy story... Glad they got their bikes back... I hate thieves...
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    Jacked up rear derailleur

    Just an update on my D - Took it back into the LBS that installed and they adjusted it. As he was looking at it, he saw the rear cog on the D was not aligned. He took it apart, re-set the bearing inside and re installed. Did 8 miles on LM and 5 miles at Chimney Rock since and so far so...
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Cool picture!!! Where is that section of trail?!? I've never through there...
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    Lew Mo Trail Building Sep 19th

    Nice work guys!!! How long is this new route section? Looks fun!
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    Jacked up rear derailleur

    I haven't done any adjustments on the hanger or the D myself... I've taken it in to my LBS to do all adjustments. I think they just did derailleur adjustments, not sure they did anything with the hanger. Any recommendations on a good LBS that take a look into this? I'm in Manville, work in...
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