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    The BearScat 50!!!!!!!

    Worse! Thanks Norm. I guess I'll wait till it dries up. Anyone wanna take a trip to Blue Mt for a long steady ride on Saturday am?
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    The BearScat 50!!!!!!!

    Does anyone have a gpx file of the race loop that they can share? that would be greatly appreciated, i'm not that familiar with Wayway to follow the map from the Blackbear site. Hoping to preride on Saturday, cant do Sunday, I wish its because i'm racing the 6 pack but for something else not...
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    Waywayanda Video

    Waywayanda Part 2
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    Waywayanda Video

    :rofl: I noticed that too, that's the default title if not filled in after rendering, funny. Only edited the title after uploading it to Utube. JV3, Vholder Contour HD front and back.
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    Waywayanda Video

    Wow, Brilliant! I like this guy already! took 4+ yrs of helmetcaming before someone finally asked. I will definitely take you up on that offer. You can wear it next round, Lewis Morris ... I'm sure everyone want to witness how you battle Victor for the win considering how close your times are...
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    Waywayanda Video

    Here's my visual recap of the race. part 1 of 2. Enjoy.
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    Tymor race recap

    Nice video Pixy, i wish the pack moved that smooth through the woods in Cat 2 :D thanks for posting. Segundo, great ride man! when I saw you fixing a flat I thought Im gonna finish ahead of you this time :D Then saw you grinding up the top of shale section about 1 mile to the finish and gaining...
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    Rear hub greasing

    ZTR uses sealed bearing and is maintenance free, if anything, grease the pawls and the spring after cleaning them thoroughly. Use very light grease like the Chris King (small container is about 10 bucks in ebay), why do you think you need to grease your hub? the freehub might go before the hub...
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    Whirlybird Cross VIDEO...

    Great video Ben, I'm a sucker for race videos and this one got me thinking about giving cross another shot. Sold my bike few months ago after sitting in my garage for over a yr collecting dust and now I'm regretting it :mad:. working on a replacement and hopefully be ready in 2 weeks. :D...
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    The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ

    Only because I'm a pack rat. :D
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    The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ

    Hey that's my 26 tires collection! :) Good ride today Rob, I hope you'll like the rubber combo.
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    Jungle Recap

    5 min bolt check is all you need Rob, you think too much. Please don't do this test when you ride with me in Ringwood this week, there are large black bears in there and they can only eat what they can catch!
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    Invite to the Bottle ride (timed ride) on 9/25

    I'll be there too. Looking forward to riding Blue for this event, should be fun. See you Sunday.
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    Chain Stretcher Recap Thread

    Might gain one more spot if the score sheet gets corrected, 359 should be 12th instead of 8th. Great job all for coming out and racing Westchester's Best! The course alone is worth the drive. Sending healing vibes to Mike K and this guy BIG thanks to the good samaritans.
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    Chain Stretcher Course....

    Hmmm, thats probly why. I thought it was 900 when I did the first lap. The elevation correction is Disabled. :mad: Corrected its 825/Lap, OK, thats not so bad.
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