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  • Hey bro, just noticed you registered for saturday. I am planning on being up there as well. Lets pray for the rain to not make it a disaster! Call me if you want to connect by the tappan zee to commute.201 481 5753
    THanks Rob, you too bro, awesome job! too bad for Sandro, no one told him I guess, we all assumed he knew ! Duuuude! i dont frequently sign in when I visit this site and I keep missing your PMs, sorry. I was at 909 and I have a video to prove it., lol
    Iknow, I know I still owe you the disc, Im still finding computer time to do the Chainstrcther, Ive been slacking.
    Hey bro, congrats on the series finish. It was great riding with you this season. You had mentioned you may do the 909 tonight are you still considering? I really want to go but people are flaking out. If you are going let me know it may really push me to commit so I know somebody. Did you ever post video from the last race? Did you see the post on my frame? Questions questions questions...We're no longer twins (to people who couldn't see wheel size before.)
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