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    roadbike shifter cable routing question

    You also want to have a compatible system, ie SRAM for Sram, Shim for Shim and Campy for Campy.
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    Motivational Vid

    Yup. Wow that was quick. Thanks.
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    Motivational Vid

    Several years ago someone posted a link to an excellent motivational video. After viewing it I was so pumped up I felt like I could do anything. I dont remember the the link. Does anyone remember the it. If you can find it would you please post it here. Or any other motivational vids. Thanks
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    Stans arch ex chris king rear wheel

    are you home yet?
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    Zipp Service Course Bar Tape

    I use the Zip Course tape (2nd set). It has about 2000 miles on it, about 150 miles in the rain. No gloves. My tape is worn at about the same spot as yours, right side more than the left. I have the replacement in the basement, just lazy about taping right now. I have a friend that has...
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    Strong anti-biking sentiment in Denville.

    You can always say, "No Honey I'm in the bar with the boys"
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    Do you get mad at people that drive the speed limit? Or do people get mad at you beca

    George Carlin said it best, paraphrase here. It pisses me off when I'm driving behind someone doing the speed limit on the highway. Then when I see somebody speeding pass me I say, wow take a look at that dumbass.
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    Last minute advice- NJ to GWB and beyond... Take a look here for best entrance to Hudson River Greenway. After crossing the Bridge you have to head uptown so that you can get on the Greenway. On the way back there is usually a headwind. Hope this is useful. NSF
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    Tour De France 2013

    I'm going through TdF withdrawals. Closing ceremony was great. The TV coverage of the TdF was not good, especially the evening coverage. Way to many commercials. Granted that some of the riding was just boring but they could have provided more bios on the riders and teams. They could...
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    ramapo rally 2013

    If your in shape do the 50. The 62 will be challenging. There are a lot of folks out there so you will find a group that rides at your pace. They have a nicely stock rest areas and the support is good. The sandwiches at the end are good. Bring some money in case you see some bike...
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    ramapo rally 2013

    A rider? 62 is hilly. Will challenge if not ready. Especially on the way back.
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    ramapo rally 2013

    62 miles B - B* for me. You?
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    So you have an obscure username...

    What no Hammond Eggs? <---Former Fat boy, Now Fat man, Still Not So Fast
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    Left Crank Arm

    That crank arm is probably already damaged. Take it back to the shop they should easily get the manufacture to replace it.
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    New Documentary Project

    Thats nice. Good Luck.
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