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    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

    Still have it? Sent you a PM.
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    MTBNJ Group Ride Series - Blue Mountain 4/19

    I will be there also, sounds like fun!
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    Lost & Found

    Lost prescription eyeglasses at Jungle Habitat. Most likely at the end of Boon by the power lines. We Headed up Boon and did not realize they were missing until the paved road at the top.
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    How long do you wait to put gasoline into your automobile?

    At about 530, 14 gallons
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    Wawayanda Tech ride Sunday 8AM?

    Woops, sorry, forgot to mention that swamp section on Old Coal in the directions!
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    never going to be able to ride

    Don't think of riding anytime soon, Tuesday another big one, could be 12 inches or more, up to 20 in parts, depending upon the track the storm takes. Invest in either snowshoes or XC skiis. Search Google for "Extreme Snowshoeing", then come up to Wawayanda / Ringwood with your snowshoes and...
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    Thomson Seatpost Collar/Clamp - 31.8, Black

    I should have measured first, I need the 34.9 clamp from Thomson, the 31.8 only leaves me with 0.2 for the frame wall thickness. Sorry for any false hopes on this. I will take it if it is still available. I have a 31.6 Thomson seat post on my Klein Palomino, so that is the right size for...
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    Thule Bags for Roof Storage Carrier

    Cool, I will take those, I will be sending you a PM to meet.
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    WTT: Thule Peloton Fork Mount for Stand up Mount.

    How about a used Thule Super G bike carrier. It can mount to any square cross bars or round bars or most standard factory roof racks. This rack holds the bike via a front tire clamping system and ratchet style clamps for the wheels, the wheels stay on the bike. Nothing touches the frame, this...
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    F150 to Jetta TDI

    Sportwagon or sedan? I have a 2009 Sportwagon TDI. I like the ride and the torque, but not too quick off the line, the gearing of the 6 speed is really low! You should get great mileage on your commute, it will increase as you put miles on the car, once it gets broken into between 20,000 to...
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    New gas pipeline through Ringwood????

    Here is some more detail of the pipeline: It will also go through Wawayanda in West Milford / Vernon. They need to get the approval all of the towns it will go through, and replace any wetlands that they destroy somewhere else. They...
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    Thule Sidearm Upright Bike Carrier

    I have a Thule Super G for sale, $50. I can't use this because the parking garage where I work has only 7 foot clearance with no other parking, so I had to go with a Thule T2 hitch rack. This is a used Thule Super G bike tray. It fits both Thule and Yakima bars. It has a locking cable...
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    Trail Reports

    Jungle Habitat: Snow, snow, and more snow. After this weekend rain, mud, mud, and more mud! Wawayanda: even more snow, and depends upon how much rain this weekend, might still be snow left, but definitely there will be mud and possibly still some snow left over! Top of Skyline drive...
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    'Presta' Pain in my a$$

    If the pump has the little needle in the opening, it is set for sChrAdeR, just like a CAR valve stem. The needle in the pump opening pushes down the spring loaded pin in the valve, which then opens the valve stem to let air into the tire. The spring in the valve closes the valve, not air...
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    Hitch Mount Bike Racks

    The Thule T2 is a much heavier rack. Mine came for a 1.25 inch hitch, no adapter required. I did modify it to raise it about 4 inches, since I have a low car and it bottomed out when entering a parking area / driveway that has a steep transition from the road. Both should hold the bike...
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