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    Help a brother out! Frank!!!

    A couple years back Frank came out to Spokane for a visit. We rode bikes and sampled local beer every day. Here are a few shots from that trip. I miss riding with him but I will be back out once he's recovered to ride with him again. Until then, stay strong brother. You are well loved and very...
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    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    Barbara you made Tom's day. :)
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    First and last ride on Boon

    Let's rewind a few years back when the trail was designed. The trail builders did Boon as one of the last trails because it was the more advanced terrain in the park, more or less the farthest trail from the car, and the crews wanted to earn their chops building a few miles of trail in other...
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    Sussex Bike

    Technically speaking, a group of groupies must be 3 persons or more. 2 customers and the shop manager technically only represents a "Kaffeeklatch". I'd give Pete at Sussex bike another chance. He's a good guy, strong wrench and a straight shooter. Honestly, I remember feeling a little like...
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    All in the West Milford Area: black bear, coyote, fox, timber rattlesnake, black snake, garter snake, eastern mud salamander, spotted salamander, barred owl, goldfinch and many other songbirds, pilated woodpecker, downy woodpecker, red-headed woodpecker. keeping an eye out for: bobcat and the...
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    Now 26" is really dead

    This is the funniest thing I've read in years. Next time I see you I'm buying you a red bull and a 5 hour energy chaser and a section of chain link fence. I agree with you FFT, but for a different reasons: I demo'd a Town Cycle Rumblefish at Jungle Habitat and it made the place feel like a...
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    Ringwood Trail Conditions?

    I was there on Sunday. Conds were super in the am (firm and fast) but they started getting slimy around 2pm in southern and eastern aspects as sun and temps rose. Mornings will be best here and at other nearby parks (JH and wawa, for example).
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    trail closures?

    this is a statewide problem that every one of us volunteers experiences at one time or another. i am glad to see that folks here get it. it might feel good to bang out some new trail without permission but it really does become a time sink for our park leaders and the volunteers and distracts...
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    Six Mile Run JORBA Group Ride & Grub - 10/22/11

    I had a super fun day. Thanks to Mare for tirelessly organizing all these events, thanks to Jason at Halter's and all his volunteers for keeping 6mi so fun, and thanks for all the riders for coming out in force and making the day special. The post ride sliced-steak burrito was icing on the cake.
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    Six Mile Run JORBA Group Ride & Grub - 10/22/11

    Jeff, hey this is Jeff, I was in the JORBA Jersey in the back. It was nice riding with you and I'm glad you enjoyed the ride. Keep pedaling that nice shiny new bike and just watch out for them trees (I swear I saw that tree jump right in front of you!). And thank you for joining JORBA!
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    JORBA Memberships

    Diggs, I think the PayPal transaction didn't report back to our membership system correctly. It might be related to a recent cut-over from our older site located at to our newer site In any case I've gone into the membership system and corrected you as paid up in...
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    2008 Iron Horse Sunday Team

    LJ, I'll take it. Will PM you.
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    Cycle Works will be Closing its Doors

    Sad news. You guys will be missed. Thank you for being an above and beyond supporter of our sport and for supporting JORBA specifically. There are only a handful of shops that truly step up and get it and you guys were securely ensconced in that handful. Thanks for that.
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    You guys left a hoe on rhino.

    we'll fetch that! thanks for letting us know!! (it was getting dark fast on Tues nights so its easy to miss that in low light)
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    Subaru IMBA Trail Care Crew coming to Ringwood Oct 9-10

    Please consider joinig JORBA and IMBA for a Subaru IMBA trail care crew visit on Oct 9-10 at Ringwood: The event it FREE but requires registration:
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