White Clay Anyone?


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Hey Did ya fall in some mud or something?
Yeah, I did. And I’m going to be RICH because I’m the only person on earth who knows where you can find white mud.
I didn’t say mud I said CRUD. What did you fall in some crud or something?

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i was thinking of maybe checking it out on halloween weekend. anyone in?

DD- and I were just down there -- awesome place! It is a lot of fun, that is for sure. No big climbs, FAST rolling singletrack, skills obstacles, etc. Way cool and nothing but smiles there. :D

Great place for the singlespeed!



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This place sounds like paradise. Gonna have to get there one of these days.


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either sat or sun is good for me. i figure head out early, get breakfast get a nice ride in and maybe grab some lunch/early dinner and head back up to NJ. i figure itd be a great time to go now cause the weather is great and gas is pretty low.


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If you guys can figure out a date, lmckee and I both know the trails well, him more so than me since he lives 5 minutes away. We would be happy to lead the train around one morning. The best word for white clay is FUN.


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ok so its looking like it MAY possibly be a ride for saturday. reason i cant set it in stone is i may NOT have my bike out of the shop in time. i WILL let you guys know for sure though!


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White Clay is definitely one of my favorite places to ride. Like everyone else said the place is just plain fun. I did nine miles on thursday and the place was in excellent shape. The trails were mostly clear of leaves and very fast. When you guys figure out a date and time let me know and we'll set something up.


Sat. 11/1 White Clay Creek

Saturday works for me,weather looks great.
I'm at exit 100 if anyone wants to hook up up for the ride down.


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this place looks awesome,I think I just found a way to extend the season.Will try to make this if I can for sure.


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still ironing out details but saturday is looking good. i think mr chainsaw and i are also going there on wed next week too.
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