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  • MIG I just noticed the PM about piping I replied back and just wondering if you are still interested?
    watched the videos on your myspace and looked at some pics...just wondering while you are watching me clean/fall on logs and shit you just sit there and never try. go out without me and you're ripping shit. well next time we ride not only am i gonna try to kill you we/you are gonna stop and try every log ride and man made thing we see...
    Whats up buddy! Thanks again for taking us out today. Sorry had to cut it short...Def interested in more next time..take care LJ
    Hey, maybe as a belated birthday present Frank will start the Tuesday night rides earlier this year. : )
    happy birf day dik bag...too bad you may not make it for the Bday ride...loser. tell your grand kids i said hi and im real glad you were able to make it off the titanic before she sank. tough luck on the whole stock market thing back then in the late 20s. you need to put prune juice in your pack from now on...happy birthday buddy
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