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  • I'm out of town this weekend and next Sunday but after that I'm around every weekend until mid Sept. I want to do a trip up to Blue Mountain Reserve. I've never been there but I hear it's good. If you're down, let's pick a weekend... August 30 maybe?
    Just got back from Sacramento early this morning. Should be a round for the weekends for the next month now.
    Party went well except that we have a TON of beer and wine left over. We are inviting everyone back over today to work on that. Feel free to drop by with your girl when you get home. 122 Dodd Street- the back house.
    We're having a Garden Party this Saturday 2-8. If you're around, you should stop by. I punked out on biking this weekend getting my yard ready for the party. It will be an interesting mix of people; you should swing by if you can.
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