Raritan 911: Robocop

Borrowed from Readington Township Police last night. Escaped sheep casing the neighborhood. Only in Hunterdon.

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Probably about 20 years ago my friend and I were coming back over the Weston Canal road bridge into Manville at around 3am and saw a sheep running down the middle of the road being "pursued" by 3 Manville cruisers. Everyone we told accused us of being impaired but we were both 100% sober that night.


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Oh shit! That reminds me!

This had to be like 2001 or 2002...

One midnight we somehow started talking about fainting goats. I convinced one of the other newer guys that a home in town had fainting goats (Bartles Corner Road between 31 and 523; they still have goats today). I told him if he hit the siren as he drove by slowly, sometimes they faint.

Well they had regular goats. I think it took him about six months of trying to get them to faint before I told him I made the fainting part up.

I really should stop at the house before I retire and tell them this story.