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Nice ride tonight everyone and another large group. We had 24 riders until we decided to do a loop across the street. Here's the post ride group shot.


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LOL. Love how Chainsaw is 1 step from bein SeeSaw after Fred's post.

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I really want to know this park a better....I've been here plenty of times but do to time restraints I end up doing the same old loop...Mr C how are those new wheels working out for ya

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Fun ride

Fun ride yesterday. Everyone is really getting better, except Frank who nearly killed a defenseless sappling. Result: Big toe still broken!

Sooner or later, noobies will lead with the leaders following close behind. If you really want to learn the trails you need to be up front with someone saying Right,..Left,..etc. You guys probably know the route better than you think!


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Thanks to all for a great group ride!!:) NJ Jess is missing from the posted pic so I'm adding one with her in it.


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Everyone was happy only because I offered a bribe;)

These are real fun rides. I think more of the folk are NOT beginners and just like the vibe. Good stuff.:)


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great ride last night. although im paying for it today. haahaha.

Yea awesome ride last night. The worse you feel the next day means nothing more than the ride the day before was a good one. The more you crash the more you learn and better rider you become. Although you should try and keep crashes to a minium.


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i didnt crash though, REMEMBER?? an un-named trail leader may or may not have crashed which completely negates any falls i may or may not have had.

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mercer killer turkey

5 times you tied josh's iu took the chick to mercer today and she got chased by a freaking post this there but people dont read those threads...but anyway it was funny she was yelling and took off on her bike fast as hell...had a good ride she was getting crabby towards the end but then some dude took a nice OTB spill in front of a bridge and that made her little leg slaps by the pedals not so bad she said...1 out of those 3 didnt have a brain bucket on...but man the turkey was after her...


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5 times you tied josh's iu took the chick to mercer today and she got chased by a freaking turkey.......but man the turkey was after her...

Turkeys and geese will mess you up.....

so lets se 6 mile has the groundhog mercer has the turkey and allaire has kamikaze saplings..what a world..:)


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Sore Oh YEAH!!

I agree with MIG what a ride and yes I too am sore and scratched. MIG I was down 5 times last night also. I hate sand. Does any known if or when they will be running those clinic rides mentioned several weeks back on a ride?

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