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  • Thank you Katie! I'm sure we'll be itching to ride when we get back, so I hope to see you then!
    Hi Katie! I still like your avatar!! I don't miss the question mark one bit :)
    sorry I missed ya today...I had my dogs with me and we went for a nice walk.
    I wish I could have made the ride, I hate to miss any ride. Most of all I miss getting to see the crew (of which you are at the top of the list). There are other options to the woods. I did 22 miles Sunday on the Henry Hudson Rail to Trail. I was thinking of a ride on Sandy Hook if the weather stays like this.
    I hope to make them, but not today. My bike has no front brake and I'm still full of mud from the wayway race. Next week though,..smiles
    Hi! It's Lisa from the Tuesday night ride at Allaire. It was so nice riding with you. Hope to see you out there again soon!
    Hey it was great to meet/ride with you today. I think you helped convince my wife to sign up for the forums! See you around.
    the ride was OK but tuesdays will be fun. im prob going to waywayanda on wedwednesday. im 98%-100%sure im gonna race it sunday and like to get a look at the place i've never been gonna pre-reg after the tuesday ride so i have to go. see you tuesday
    I am having so much trouble, I am computer illiterate. Anyway that was me with Lauren at allaire and we just got back from 6 mile. My name is Ray
    How about we have a computer lesson next time I see you?? We can get you a fabulous avatar and I'll explain whatever you need! :)
    I have never ice skated, so you would be in for a few good laughs. I am willing to try anything though, so let me know where and when, and I will give it a go. B.
    It was great to ride with you again. I really enjoy helping newer riders have a good time, and you are fun to ride with to begin with. Your skills and stamina have both inproved noticeably. I hope to ride with you again soon. B.
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