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  • Do we have a problem mister?? Dude I owe you your awards... Not that they aren't sprucing up my room and all ;)
    What type of grips do you have on your mary? Ive seen the same ones you have on a few different bikes and they feel good and from what I saw they look like they last..
    Hi Dustin, Thanks for showing me around 6 Mile yesterday, I really appreciate it. I hope we weren't slowing you down. Most guys causal pace is my race pace, so I imagine my casual pace must be painful to some guys. See you on the trails. Sherry
    Hey there! I want to apologize for the really creepy looks I'm giving you on Brian's picture album. I'm usually not creepy! haha...Fun picnic!
    Just looked at the results from tymor... I wasnt even a whole minute behind you! HA! lol
    Yo dude! How'd that first race go? My Crackberry isn't showing me all the conversation going on here, so I figured I'd ask. Sounds like u had fun tho. Cat 3? That's beginner style, what, 7-9 mile loop??? I keep thinkin I'll do a race, I've only done a couple ever, like ten years ago. Now I'd be in the old and big boys category, haha. Lates, tj
    Not a bad finish for someone who never raced before eh? He's definately on his way. Need to get this boy a sponsor. A 7 1/2 minute lead is hard to shave...especially when ya got dust in yer mouth. :)
    p.s. this is MTBTyler's dad.
    Dustin if you decide to do Tymor let me know really thinking I'm going to do it. I'm up for carpooling with other Cat3's out there family prolly won't make it to that one with me.
    Thank you. I had killer side cramps and I droped my glasses like 3 times. I was so nervious to go fast down hills, I couldnt stop thinking of flats! If its the cash for gas that your worried about to hit tymor, we might be able to car pool. lemme know.
    Yeah tymor is killer far but since I finished up front im pretty sycked I might be able to get a shot at points. As far as you beeting me next race.. I had 7 and a half minutes on you! :getsome:better watch your back:getsome: lol
    haha...My thoughts were on how appropriate the chainsaw is in the picture! How was yesterday's ride? I can't wait for tomorrow night's...
    I have a mary test bike for the week from halters. Im going back this saturday to get one. I saw your girl at halters on saturday lol
    I hear ya...Your a beast for tackling Chimney Rock on a SS rigid and I will add you definetly held your own...It really is a full body workout on those rocks with a full rigid bike...Actually is a good idea to get out and ride tomorrow...Nothing like active recovery just keep it as mellow as possible...Rmember if you guys are doing any riding keep me in the loop and I will make as many rides as I can...Fun ride and your freebasing comment was hilarious
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