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  • Last week I sprained my ankle pretty bad and I'm off the bike until mid-August at best. I can't see the 24HoA race being my first ride back. If you guys know someone else that is planning on racing, I gotta bail this year. I really do appreciate the free entry and I hope someone can use it. Give me a call when you get a chance.

    Glad you could make it out on tuesday. It's always fun and entertaining to meet and hang out with new people and not so new people. Hope you feel better soon!

    Hi Jess,
    Thanks for the pointer today about the air bubbles in hydrolic brakes! See you sunday.

    Wow! Sorry to hear about your brakes. Can't wait to hear the full race report next week. : )
    Hi Jess! Are you going to be able to make Tuesdays at Allaire? It was a really great group last week. Missed you! Hope all is well. -Katie
    Hi Jess! I have not seen you online at MTBNJ. I'm sending out a few e-cards. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for. You may not see this message till like May!
    Hugs, Christina Chambers
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