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Day 31 part 1: Last Sunday Morning Ride at the Kingdom

We had a 12:00 checkout today so we decided to get out early and hit some of the needfuls before heading back to the AirBnb to wrap up there.

Bike park
Heaven's Bench
Martha's Pines

This is probably the biggest ride we've done on the Sunday leaving Vermont. Usually we get out and hit the road sooner than later. But this was good. It may be our last day in the state this year, or not. But if it is we got a good run in this morning.



Day 31 part 2: Knocking out a few DH runs before we depart the Kingdom

Then we checked out and decided that we weren't ready to leave, so we went to Burke Bike Park and used our free tickets from being VMBA members. We planned to do 4 runs. After the 3rd run my rear tire punctured and I called it a day. D & Simon went out for 1 more run. Back at the car the tire seems to have sealed up. But it was all well & good to call it there. It's been a long month.


With that, we wrap up 31 days of July. I may toss out some stats tomorrow when I am sitting in front of my laptop at work, wishing I were somewhere else. For now, we're now on our 6 hour journey home from Vermont.

Great job to all who finished.


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July 31

Would have loved to make it to Allaire this morning, but Sunday is my Monday. Didn't actually get out early enough to ride before work, but rode anyway. Guess I'm staying an hour late tonight.

Thanks to J, Jorba, MTBNJ, and all who shared the experience. And Dave!

Special thanks to Frank, for inspiring by example and making me see that sometimes, even if it hurts, actually, ESPECIALLY if it hurts; you just gotta Frank-up and ride.

Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/yhSOxRu06rb

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31/31: i wanted to end this month with a big ride, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards. Finally got on the bike around 4 and knocked out a local road loop.
Thanks @jdog for sponsoring this and @clarkenstein for your diligent work keeping that spread sheet going.


And stats for the month. Had to take a mulligan but overall I’m pretty happy with that. Maybe next time I’ll shoot for 1,000ft/ day


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Day 31 - Tamaques / Westfield loop reprise to end things up. My fifth year in a row completing the challenge.
Please pass on any prize I’m eligible for to JORBA. Wore my shirt in tribute to the organization for final ride



Pupparoo returned to Philly this afternoon… but, we did get to watch the replay of Liverpool beating Manchester City last night

Congratulations to all the participants. A few folks said they are going to continue. I’ll be joining them.


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July 31: Last day of the challenge. We rode early to hit some of the good Darling Hill stuff and then went to Burke to do a few downhill runs. Unfortunately, the main chairlift at Burke was hit by thunder at the beginning of July and it's still not back on line. They are running it with a Diesel generator, with reduced hours/power. The line was long.



Unfortunately, I did not make the 31/31 challenge, as I had to miss 2 days because of work deadlines. But I still had a really good time! Bonus is that I had an amazing week in VT with my oldest son Zac and then another 5 days with my youngest son Simon. I’m lucky that they love MTB as much as me.

Days: 29/31
Rides: 31 rides
Road: 6 rides
MTB: 26 rides
Downhill parks: 4 (Killington, Sugar Bush, Stratton, Burke)
XC: 21 rides



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Day 31 of 31

2hr, 25min

My wife joined me for todays ride, and it was nice to have a riding partner on the final ride.

Thanks to @jdog, @clarkenstein and everyone who made this challenge happen again this year.



Total ride mileage for the month of July: 687.6 with a moving time of 59.5 hours
Elevation gain (per Strava) : 43,125 feet. (No downhill or bike parks with lift service in July)
Road and gravel miles: 573.9

Mtb miles: 113.7 at the following parks:
  • Allamuchy
  • Chimney Rock
  • Deer Park
  • Kittatinny Valley State Park
  • Stephen's State Park Ridge
  • Wildcat


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Well done everyone!

While I wasn't in the challenge this year, I always like following along and have a big July.. Even if I don't ride every day.

This year I rode 26 of 31 days... 29 rides. 20 of the 29 in either Vermont or New Hampshire... Almost 500 miles, (1) 20 mile road ride, rest on the mtb... 68 hrs total moving time which is a record for me. So it was a really awesome month... And to top it off... On the last day I got to ride sidewinder with my 8 year old.... Something I have been dreaming about doing for a very long time

Great work.. Go collect your prizes!
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