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  • Hi Dave,

    Our parent company has a policy prohibiting shipping/internet sales of our complete bikes. With that in mind, I show that Rothrock Outfitters in PA ordered one.

    Otherwise most of the bikes are going to UT, MT, CO, AZ, and CA. If you’re planning a trip I can let you know if one is in any of the cities of shops with them on order. Of course, I do not know if they happen to be pre-sold at all.
    J, any word from Salsa about getting a pony rustler on order?
    I have meeting with salsa next week. I will bring it up again.
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    Jay, I've been in contact with Salsa. Sure does not look good for a pony rustler any time soon. "Sorry for such a delay. Our sales rep in the area confirmed that no one in the area ordered the size and that it would only be available for a Spring delivery.
    Hey, I completed the contest, but I couldn't make it this weekend. I am planning on doing next sat ride. Can I come in them to collect my prize 🙂 ? Thanks for doing this btw. My fitness level has greatly improved from all this riding. And I lost some fat.
    J- wanted to pull the trigger on a new brake set. Looking to upgrade the Shimano Deore to XT or Magura. what price pt am i looking at or should I just stop in? thanks
    black Cannondale SL2 29er (if that helps).
    Thanks for saving the day today. I appreciate the help. The helmet is now lost in Pearl's mess of a hatchback!
    I appreciate the effort You, Chris, Trip and the Cdale rep. provided, to help me get back on the trails with my Scalpel. That bike is amazing and I was kind of depressed not being able to ride it. Thanks again.
    They still have a non working computer system. They have not been able to process orders or warranty claims for two weeks. Sounds like someone in IT is in big trouble.

    It should be covered under warranty, but I unfortunately can't say when...

    I will keep you posted.


    Hi Jay, I dropped off my Scalpel last Friday 11/4, after my spider developed two cracks around the 26 tooth chain ring bolts. Trip checked it out and called Cannondale about warranty replacement. They said their computers were down. I had the spider orderd and installed with the 39-26 chain rings by Chris a couple of years ago and was wondering if you could check on the status of my repair.
    Dino Vizzoca

    The repair ticket is # 412387
    Jason- think you setup clipless and new bars on my Black Cannondale 29er. Anyway i have a quick question. My rear-derailleur (stock Shimano Deore) is jacked up and i failed miserably adjusting. Was thinking now may be a good time to upgrade or make a move to 1x9 or 2x10. The large front sprocket is basically a bash guard anyway. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I could always just bring in for a tune up? thanks in advance.

    hello, that was only my second trip to 6mr.I was at the parking lot on canal rd heading toward rt 27.I took the trail to the right,it had white markers.I'd say 5 no more than 10 mins.into the ride was my encounter.They were on the trail walking so where they came from I'm not sure.They were heading to the canal rd lot. Mike
    Jay - I just bought the Mary from you. The front fork keeps shaking real bad when I brake. I am going to stop by sometime this week..and hell I may just buy those stans wheels while I am there!
    Happy Birthday to my dear friend Jason!!!! Hope you are having a glorious day! xoxo
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the call this am... i actually smiled on my way to work this morning! Hope you have a great day and have fun trail building.. one of these days i'll have to get out there...hope to see you guys real soon. 🙂
    Do you now have a 29er for demo at Halter's? My friend is looking for a new bike and wants to try a 29er.
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