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    New in box 2021 Canyon Spectral 29r Med. $4,600. OBO

    Which you will for sure need. I know the guy manning the phones over there at Canyon. He is basically a punching bag all day, every day. I've heard the horror stories and you can be sure every bit of upfront savings is earned when it comes to warranty service.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Don’t waste your time raking. Just cut as much as you can.
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    What are you stocking up on?

    Chains, tires, grips, pedals, ders, pads All are in short supply.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    That’s pretty funny.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    My brush hog is in the shop, but I’ll get out there shortly. I’ve had a ton of people asking when I’m leading a trail building day, and honestly I doubt I’ll do a group day anytime soon.
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    Disturbing "no helmet" trend

    I just stop and say.. "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you forgot your helmet".
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    I’m excited for the NICA race and I know I’m gonna take heat (and I have already) for endorsement of the race when it’s been wet. This is not an adult race. This is all kids and it is making a difference in lives of children and their families. I’ll personally fix whatever impact this race...
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    Wife is divorcing me and moving out at the end of the month - need furniture

    As a 2x divorce veteran, I will say congrats on the end of a bad relationship. Things can and will get better. They may also get worse before they get better. It also may be the perfect time to end other toxic relationships in your life. I also might have some dishes and cookware. I’m...
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    After a bunch of tinkering, I now have this bike right where I want it. I go back and fourth on the rear tire width 2.8 / 2.6”, but I’m sold on the mixed wheel size. look for a new bike coming to market in June that (IMO) will kickstart the mixed wheel size trend. Others bikes for 2021 and...
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Ran the brush hog over the white trail today In the heat. Killed 1 billion pounds Of poison ivy. Seems that the poison ivy is really loving the weather this year. The Nica race will be held on Sunday, 6 June. If you can volunteer to help that day it would be fantastic. I would avoid Jacques...
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Ken should post it in the next 24hrs
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Nice work. Luckily we have a week before the race. I’ll brush hog. All the white on wed.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    We just got the ok to run that section as a part of the June 6th race. After the race it should be well burned in.
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    SRAM GX eagle.

    Chain length is critical b tension is critical. Compensate for sag too.
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    Good to see.

    Good to see. I question if he can keep up with the locals, but it’s a start. I heard that quads and dirt bikes tore up the trails off of 517 this week.
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