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  • J- yer inbox was full...
    Hey thanks for the info..... I think I will switch out to the 118mm and play it safe.....
    I would love to just upgrade everything on my bike in one shot and get it over with, but I would have to also get a tow behind trailer that I could live in.... after my wife found out. :D
    Thanks again, and have an awesome day!
    Yo Jay. I talked to you yesterday about getting a Salsa Ala Carte Frame. How much would a 16'' frame run me. I have all my other components I want to swap off my old frame.
    hi jason still need pt wood my brother has alot of all kinds used but free just have to pick it up in spotswood ..let me know Matt
    Hey Jason,
    I hope all is well.
    Congrats again on the engagement.
    If you are around on 9/25 and are up for it, I hope you can come to the bottle ride. I posted it on the Jersey site as I would like to get a mix from the tri state area.
    read more here- thebottleride.blogspot.com

    I hope you can make it.
    You mention this site to find out a nice trail north of canal road. I could not find it (on the site0. Any idea where the post is, please?
    I'm eager to really test my Talon2 now.
    what happened you give money for tape then give up cross? great turnout last night, very competitive. when you coming back?
    Dude, MTBTyler took the new Mary to a third place medal(Beg.15-18yo) at Waway last sunday. Not bad for a kid who never competed before eh? Very proud!
    Hi Jay, Its Tom. I got the 4x4's cut, the 2x6x5's and the 2x6 planks to complete the 18-20 foot bridge. I'll have it at the shop Thursday or Friday. Pushing for Thursday. I'm still checkin what i can do about the cement. Have a great day, Tom
    J, I really like the C-dale I bought yesterday. Tyler and I went straight to 6mile to "check it out". Everone calls my bike "the monster" cause it's so damn big and black. I need to get some monster stickers!! Thank you and your whole crew at Halter's. As I said before and I'll say it agian, You guys down there really got your S%*T together!
    J, I'd like to come by the shop saturday and test a mary. Whats your policy with testing bikes?
    J, Sorry to bother you as I am sure you are hoppin this time of year. Did you happen to ship out the stuff I ordered on the phone? (bib and links) I just wanted to confirm as I may have to track it. Thanks
    I just got back from my first ride with my new synapse 5. Thanks for setting me up on this sweet machine!
    As far as I can tell they are both $899??

    The fork is WAY better on the Giant.. the frame on the Jake is very basic while the Giant offers the same hydroformed tubeset that Giant uses on the their top end bike.

    The Jake does have better shifters and front der though.

    If I need to work on the price I will but you know I am going to bust my ass to get it to fit you right and go the extra mile on the setup.

    I can't say what will happen with the Jake..

    Whats the difference between the Giant TCX2 and the Kona Jake. The Jack is $100 cheaper than the Giant at Halters, but I want to buy from you. Is the Giant the a better bike? Help me out.
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