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  • I used to work at royce brook and mow the golf greens there, so I think I can borrow a greens mower, as long as it will help sell that heavy bike of yours
    I am surprised, only because he stayed up all last night and did not go to work today just to vote, I saw him at the verizon store buying 3 new phones and each ringtone was adam's Mad World song.
    I have work till 715 everyday I will try and get home early if I can but it isn't looking solid .... as for the fat guy he said something about lifting back and only single speed action with lake boots
    no poker ride for me. (I dont believe in gambling) i will probably mountain bike sun am
    well yes but Ill still be home at 3 ill make up for it on the mountain after ..... you doing the poker ride sunday ?
    I'll be in florida so I'll miss this one too but I'll just have to lay a woopin on the next one after that hopefully alot better than that ride I did with Todd
    Well I cant say I was at the pride walk little brybry caught a cold how was it how did you do ?
    or possibly the wind resistance pulled the hair off after that one ride at Allaire with the single speed...
    Very true Dan I was wondering if Fasterthanliam has sensitive skin due to wearing full leg tights on the hottest day of the month
    note to self, stop picking on Dan he appears to be not taking it well. He already is riding with all the slow guys ,what's next fixed gear rides with K.S.
    Can't remember his name but I heard he was best known for playing tummy sticks.
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