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  • Yeah, would love to get out, but need to try to fit in around work (although would consider playing hooky). What days/times are you thinking? Supposed to be getting rain soon for at least a few days. Let me know.
    Hey - Good talking to you on Saturday midway up the #1 trail at Sourlands (I was on a red specialized). Made it out again at SL on Sunday and kept an eye out for b-lines and hit three I'd never noticed before, so thanks for rec. Would like to check out more. PM me if you want company on an upcoming ride. Usually there most weekends. - Bob
    They sell Huffy's at k mart. You can dream about mine and come over and clean them. If you want to try any of them you can . I will let you for a price.
    ok old man we will see, just give me your bikes, i'll sell them and build the bike of my dreams, then no body in the world would be able to catch me.
    Told me he was about to break away and all of a sudden he went flat. (i mean his tire went flat) I heard he's going to start racing for pure energy. The have a special excuse book that covers everything . Just ask K.S.
    news flash: brybry gets tired and pretends he has a flat tire so he won't have to do another lap.
    yes ride for shure and 26 ofcourse and i would like total to be as cheep as possible us youngins spend money alot faster than its made
    I decided its time to start my hardtail build if I can find a good frame and fork ill piece together the rest price range cheap under 1500 hopefully start looking champ you got an eye for deals
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