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  • Under 30 is great. I was at Allaire yesturday too, 9 to 12:45. Unless your willing to loan me your pugsly, I hope we dont get any
    Nah, only 8 lbs lighter. Under 30, though! Big difference. Got out today at Hartshorne and yesterday at Allaire. Liking this warm weather, but some snow would be nice, too.
    No, you were just telling me about it. Is it 10lbs lighter? I've been riding a bit too but mostly at night so thats probably why i havent seen your new ride. Happy New Year
    Hey Mike! Was I on the new bike when I saw you last? Been getting in some good rides with the nice weather. Happy New Year!
    Hey Man, Mike "merritt" here, that new fatty is really awesome, cant wait to see that thing roll on the trail, enjoy it and Happy New Year!!!!
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