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  • I race with them and try to decimate them and make them hurt. I give them gifts that way.
    Hey it's your birthday too? Shit you should do a big ride or something :)
    yeah unfortunately i was thinking the same thing. Hit me up in the morning if you think its possibly, i would hate to waste a day off from work.
    I nailed that log perfect both laps. Racing against/with people you know outside of racing makes it a shit ton of fun. Pearl and I were convinced you had us right where you the rocks. Patty is killing it she should make some noise in cat2 next year
    Seeing you was just what the doctor ordered. My pedals are busted up pretty goos and need to be replaced but you gave me a good push exactly when I needed it. That race wasn't easy and you pushed a Marty's guy a lil' further back in the pts and helped me lock up at least 3rd over all. With Rob dropping and my pay dirt I may be able to grab 1st but put a * next to that cause Rob is the SS champ imo. Thanks again.
    hey matt,
    i will be up in hackettstown tomorrow afternoon any chance u can take me on a tour??
    Hey Mat, glad to see you are still riding. Do you ever come to Blue mtn? We should all hook up for a ride on a Sat/Sun. Stay in touch. (914-907-9256)
    I got a new bike!!!!!!! eeeee!!!! I uploaded a photo to my album - can't wait to ride with you guys!
    Hey whats up?
    Long time no speak. Hope all is well. Whats going on tomorrow? Are you riding? A buddy and I are thinking about heading up north. There is a Stevens ride posted. Let me know

    Thanks Mort
    hey matt - just wondering if you've been to Deer Park lately? know you've been at Stephens...looking to head out Saturday AM for a ride.
    Thanks Matt -- see you on the trails as soon as they are ride able . Will be checking the forums for status. have fun & stay healthy Heidi
    Give me a few more weeks. I might just have to convert my hardtale to SS if i want to do that race...hmmm
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