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  • No the bike is in for service, went for a quick ride today then took it in.. I got my Misfit in today so need to sell my Stumpy to finish the build.. Do you know anyone looking for a MTB bike? selling it for $1250 medium specialized Stupjumper 2007.
    Mort, just got your message. I was at the Giants game w/ clients and wouldn't have been able to go anyway. I really do appreciate you keeping me in the loop on these rides and I really do want to hit up CR one of these days. My career is pretty demanding on time. Thanks again. Burke
    No problem, to bad I'm not down the shore I would meet you there.. I will probably be down there next weekend (Sunday)..
    I am not. I have plans this weekend and have to stick to them :( We'll try to ride soon though!
    Mort, what's up man? it's been a while...Any rides planed for this weekend?

    hey mort... i am working off a shifty cell phone and just figured out how to post up... if you ever ride its best to text me... 732.713.9072...
    I was up in Vermont at the Kingdom trails this weekend, but I'd love to ride sometime.

    We've changed the start place a little bit. Get off on Route 80 at same exit (exit 25). Follow Route 206 North through 4 traffic lights; approx 4 miles. Once past the 4th light, you'll see a transit Park 'n' Ride on the left side of the road (adjacent to a lake). We'll be meeting there at 9am. The trailhead is approx 1/4 mile from there. Much closer than the other trail head.

    Any questions, don't hesitate to call me. 201.274.6441.

    See you in the am.

    I've got the green light with the Mrs, but I'm thinking we can do a 2.5+ hour ride. Yes, that is the lot up the street from the JorbaFest entrance. No worries; no hammer ride. We ride as fast/slow as the last guy. All fun stuff!!! My cell is 201.274.6441. Gonna be a good time. See on Sunday. Burke
    yeah totally kool. I'm coming with a buddy. Thats the lot further up the road right? Not the jorba lot . How much time do you have?
    No hammerfest right
    whats your cell # in case I need to contact you that morning
    Mine is 732-995-2409
    I'm in. We'll meet at the Sussex Branch trail head for a 9am start. This is off Waterloo Road which is where the JorbaFest is located on. Let me know if you need directions. I may have a rider or two join that cool?
    I'll be riding Fair Hill 10/09 Saturday afternoon around 1pm. I'll be road riding in Avalon Sunday 10/10. Next Sat. 10/16 trail maintenance at WC/MR until 1pm. Sunday 10/17 is open and every weekend after that. Let me know.
    sorry....don't do the text thing..costs too much. I will be spinning on the road tonight. Have fun at the res.
    I dont mind linking some other stuff just wasnt crazy about a couple of the trails that were real narly
    Excellent. Let me see what my wife's plans are. I'll reach out tomorrow to confirm. Tentatively, we can do a 9am start with a 2.5 hour ride. I'm thinking we could do a nice ride in Stephens altough it may be some of the same from the Jorbafest ride. Is this ok?
    We have a pretty far drive. I would say no earlier than 8:30 -9 is better
    Spin time of 2-2.5 hrs would be the most my fat ass could handle.
    From the time we rode together I think we're pretty compatible
    Huckleberry, I remember.

    My wife has to work this Sunday, so I may have a limited timeframe. What time where you thinking of starting?
    Figures you are the second person to ask jeffdawg also asked. gonna be up at waway tomorrow with the wife...
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