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  • Just wanted to say thanks again old buddy... Next time it will be North... I want to try that new trail that was built
    Thanks for the Holiday wishes, Matty!
    Great riding with you this year and hoping for only the best for you, Patty and Family!
    Same to you, Pedals and your kids! Enjoy the holidays and I hope to see you on the trails soon!! May 2010 bring you lots of shiney new bikes :)
    You too, my brother. Hoping next year will be better. See ya in the trails. Jump on the TGH#3.
    matty -
    I think I deleted your address from the evite. Bounce back either here or via PM and I'll send you guys some applications to the BTCNJ.
    Also, you & Patty should try to keep either 10/31 or 11/6 open for a medium-paced ride at either RW or Waway (your choice!). Let me know which park and what date work best for you.

    spotted your car at Stephens this AM...GREAT day for a ride!!! Thanks so much to you and Patty for showing me a new place to ride!
    Hey Mat, are you or anyone else you know ready for a Santa cruz as I am getting an order together? Have you been riding throughout the winter with Robbie or any of our other fat friends? I just went out on the road bike on Tuesday to get my legs going. Tony
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