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  • Hey Mike, Sorry, Just saw this or I would have responded earlier…Need more snow! Would have been nice if all the rain today was snow instead!
    Mike, It was nice meeting/riding with you too...looking forward to the next nite ride, and can't wait to get back to Six Mile! Talk to you soon....
    Hey Michael,
    Glad you are up for the challenge. We have been getting into welding here on Wednesdays night after 6pm. Don't know if that time works for you at all but that would be a good time to meet the other 2 guys I've been working with. We will probably be keeping to that schedule for a couple weeks. If not, feel free to stop in anytime and we can discuss.
    PS Sorry! I don't have any MTN tandems. Have never gotten any here. Only cruiser ones.
    Hey Michael,
    We've moved some welding equipment into Second Life Bikes and have just been playing around with attaching metals. There is no goals right now but maybe we'll start making racks, baskets, etc. Maybe long-term we'll start making frames. Just throwing this out there to you.... but what is the possibility of you making lugs?!
    Hope you are well.
    Mike, I will meet up with you guys if you don't mind. I have a black Honda with a a blue Salsa bike
    Unfortunately, time is an issue with me regarding Sunday rides. The weekends are all tied up with events and tms, the wife and her projects, and the few Sundays I have free....I wanna play. Sorry if I'm being selfish.
    Hi Mike sorry for not getting back to you I have been very busy at work this week. I haven't been able to ride at all. I am planing t ride Brendan Byrne State Forest tonight about 5 if you interested and available.
    Michael You can night ride in Brendan Byrne State Park The Rangers that have seen us there have never hassled us about being out there. If you want a tour I can take you through. We can do it at night or during the day. Let me know.
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