What are you cooking right now?


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Damn, you guys are something. Salmon on the grill with a reduction sauce of some kind is about where it ends for me.

My 11yo daughter has become a bit of a baker though. My wife and I have never baked anything that didn't start in a box. Last weekend we made a pumpkin pie from scratch. Started with a 30lb pumpkin (big mistake) and a dream. Ended up with this:


Sugar cookies also from scratch (trivial, I know). She found a maple leaf pic and we made a stencil. It is really, really good but mother of God, what a bunch of work. It didn't help that we don't have a full sized food processor.

I can't even imagine how man calories are in the thing. Stick and a half of butter in the crust. 14oz of condensed milk in the filling. The cookie recipe took 3 sticks of butter (though it made a huge batch - she didn't check before we started :) ). The funny thing is, she doesn't really like to eat most of what she bakes. She declared the pie "not the worst thing ever".


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So Mrs Manic decides to play Iron Chef: Tesla Pandemic Edition

She was in the mood for kale and butternut squash, and hit the local veggie stand hard.

She managed to find a rando recipe that combines sautéed kale and roasted butternut.
Also includes hot Italian sausage, carmelized onions, toasted walnuts. Called for bleu cheese (we subbed feta), and lemon juice at serving.
We threw it over some leftover noodles, and bam! It has a spot in the rotation, especially as the weather gets cooler.



It’s not totally dissimilar to a favorite of mine (not hers): beer braised kale and sausage pasta. I’ll give this a nod on nutrition and complexity.
And if she’s happy, well, ya know...


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Tonight is leftovers, so used kitchen time to ready the troops for battle
The sharpener is probably about 18y/o at this point, and keeps this (mostly) 20y/o Costco Henckel set of blades in fighting trim.

After the initial burn in to remove the factory edge, it takes more time to dig this off the shelf than to resharpen the full set to ludicrous sharp.
Good for another 6 months or so...

I probably could have done the steak knives, but their factory edge is still pretty good.


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Well hello all... I'm back ...been 2 weeks without meat, and I just had to do it today, I'm finally down to 175lbs ...I know tomorrow I will be around 177+ lbs lol but I got most of the fat out of my body which is what I needed to do, if I gain muscle weight its ok, I can finally pedal more uphills, I just need to have enough strength to have more fun on the trails 🙃 and for the future group rides so I don't make @Patrick & @jklett wait for me all the time 🤫IMG_20201017_172713230.jpgIMG_20201017_174616958.jpg
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Decided to try something new tonight, because pandemic running our recipes dry.
Seafood foil bake-
Salmon, shrimps, scallops and littlenecks with a garlic Dijon butter.





Rounded out with Tesla Swiss chard and sweet potatoes.

Need to be a little stricter on cook time, but flavor can’t be beat.
B/B+ for a first run.
Will not be the last.


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The name is the recipe! The soft cheese is ricotta, add whatever floats your boat from there. More cheese, and fresh herbs. We had parsley and some cilantro. Salt pepper and ground Cheyenne. (Sp) Wrap them up, 375 for 25ish.
Making it tonight for the fam. Good way to celebrate the Giant’s victory!


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Another bread - another learning experience.

Wanted to go with a smaller dutch oven to get a little taller loaf -
problem is, i forgot to use a smaller rising vessel. When i transferred the dough, it wrapped in a bit
collapsing the top.

at the 25 minute mark, i took it out of the dutch oven and put it on the rack directly


Nicer color, crusty top, good flavor,
wrong shape, ugly

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