Very important!!!!


Horse-faced space dog



i wonder what he's riding?
lol there's something wrong with you.


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I currently have goats if any are interested

almost 2 year old all black Nigerian Dwarf with a small white patch on her tail. she has registration and I will give you the title. The goat does have a spur teat, so she will not be so nice to show or breed but makes a great pet.

1 mostly white but has light brown spots, almost a year old. VERY LOW MILES !!!! +++ out of great bloodline, and a great looking goat, great for showing++++

I have other older goats that I will consider trading. If anyone wants to get into the goatback trend shoot me a message.

ps: I am serious about having goats for sale. no really I am serious.


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I was just thinking my dog could have fun with that goat.
Pinkshirt... if your goats need a little exercise my Border collie puppy would LOVE to herd them up.

MIG, your goat would scare my puppy:p

Back to the picture, he should cap those bar ends. Trust me, taking one of those to the chest hurts.


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where is the tube? i don't see it...mine was starting to freeze on the ride 2day but i bet the NEW goatbak version doesn't freeze...:puke:

the tube's in back.just reach around and give it a little tug and it extends.

sorry everyone


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With my goats there are is no longer a need to take extras into the woods with you! If you get a flat they will carry you out of the woods. If your chain breaks they take you out of the woods. If you snap your frame, they take you out of the woods! These things are great. Sometimes when I ride I hope something goes wrong. I love riding the goat out of the woods!!!! Would it be wrong to have a goat that rides with me like some have dogs? All seriousness I have considered riding with my one goat. He is a pretty bad ass goat. Follows me around like a dog, and is quite chill.


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Ultimate earth-friendly accessory. Just feed the goat your powerbar wrappers and redbull cans, no need to recycle:D



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as long as you do not end up with a fainting goat you should be good to go...
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