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  • Yeah all is good....havent been riding- kind of complicated as to why but I should be back out there in a month or so! How have you been?
    I was thinking meeting somewhere on Rte 1 would be good. Halter's maybe a good safe lot to meet in. Don't know if there is somewhere else further up 1 that would be good as well. You and Dustin would probably know the area better than me.
    We haven't decided what time / where would be good for you I'll find out from Dustin. I imagine we'd have to shove off around 5 - 5:30 to get up there in time to get changed, reged and warmed up
    Tomorrow's ride is warm up for Sunday being that later in the week supposed to be crap:)...Just bustin BUT try to be there
    It usually is the wife checking the clock...Mine too...Tymor is 6 Mile in the begining and RV afterwards...Get ready for some wicked climbing
    I've preregd for Tymore right now me and Dustin are going to Carpool up there. You are welcome to join us can fit total of 4 of us with bikes in the truck.
    TOm can't do too many because of his work schedule. I may skip that one cuz its kinda far, but will be doing others through the season although maybe not all of em. You've gotta do it! I have to check dates but if you wewre gonna do Tymor & bring the fam. with you I might be able to get my wife to go too...
    Hey are you and Tommy going to hit the Tymor race? After the results both of you had I think you guys should hit it man!
    Hey, I a sent Mark a message and you saw too that he loves the 29r. Good call on that bike btw, and the Vette. Alli is good with me ridin tomorrow. As soon as I get out of work I'll head to your house and we'll hit Allaire. Let me know before say 10ish if you still want to go so I can go home for lunch and pack up the car. Had fun today, Tom
    I am going. I also need to get back sooner. so a quicker ride is good. however, Tom said he cant make it til 430 - thats okay for me. is it good for you?
    Gears are for suckas...I said the same thing when I first starting riding SS...Theres a place for both and for sure you will realize that come the H2H races...Just bustin Bob good to see you guys out...We'll link up soon for a ride and I'll bring the SS so I don't get harassed;)...

    Nope....deleted from camera after I put it onto the 'puter....had to delete it from the 'puter. Ya got lucky...this time!
    "File is ....gone?" I don't know, I have this feelin' that one day when I'm sitting back in my compfy chair thinking all is well and good with the world...BAMM..I see my fat butt flyin' across you tube...
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