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does anyone on here run the tray on thier roof racks? im not questioning its quality rather do i NEED to buy the disc brake adaptor for them? i hear that its not necessary that its only needed for certain brake setups. any feedback for this would be awesome

heres a pic of it without the adaptor

and heres a pick of the optional adaptor.

mods put this in the appropriate forum if need be, just looking for a fast answer before i order.:D


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I don't run this tray but I do use a Thule tray on my roof rack. I do not need a special adapter unless I am running a thru axle. The clamshell bit that clamps to the fork is clear of your caliper by quite a bit, which is mounted a few inches up the fork leg. That looks similar to how the one you show would work...


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yeah i was going to get the yakima trays but i can get two rockymount trays, two locks and the adaptors for the price id pay for one yakima tray without the locks.


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In some rare cases, the tray of the rack can interfere with the disk brake caliper. This adapter attaches between the rack's head unit (were the fork mounts) and the metal tray. It is narrower than the metal tray to avoid contact with the brake caliper.

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In some rare cases, the tray of the rack can interfere with the disk brake caliper.

This is the case with any disc-brake, QR fork I've tried fitting to my older Thule racks. Caliper hits the tray... I never paid much attention to it since all of my disc-equiped bikes have thru-axles...

I eventually wantto pick up a rack that keeps the front wheel on... either Sportworks or the similar Thule version.


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I am pretty sure that you need that adapter. The New Thule racks have that built in.



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I run the Rocky Mounts carrier on my Pathfinder and I am very happy with it. I got the adaptor just for the sole fact that the actual tray is on the short side on the Lariat so the adaptor moves the rear wheel to the sweet spot in the tray. I didn't have any problem with the brake caliper but I didn't like that the rear wheel was all the way at the end of the tray without the adaptor. Hope that helps and I think you will like the Rocky Mounts carrier, they make a good product.


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I run it, I bought the adapters but never ended up putting it on and I don't need need it for me bike.

I did give someone a ride once that had more of All Mt type of bike and his disk caliper did get in the way of the tray so I guess it depends on what type of bike you run.
I am thinking of picking up another one, where are the good deals in them?.
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