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  • Hey Ben I have a question any change can kinda give me and idea of where the sink hole jumps are in Allaire state park. Please thank you Brandon
    Ah, I have not heard those names in a few years. I hope you are having fun with them.
    Hey Ben, Leroy Varga and Laurent Chambard wanted me to pass on a " Hello, hope all is well!!", to you... So there you have it.
    Hey Juan, good to hear from you. I recorded video but didn't do much with it. Honestly, it wasn't that exciting. Here is the video of my wheel mishap. click on the image to play.

    Hi Ben,
    This is Juan Aracena(Johnny) from Gotham TOGA Team. Can you help me find your video from Battenkill? Thank you.
    Hi Ben, my name is Kevin Casey and we met at one of the JORBA picnics @ Clayton (old guy, white hair if that helps :). Could you give me some info on Cognition? While I've read all of your training posts on here over the years and also follow other riders progress I'm interested in a more structured program.


    thanks alot ben for the bike trainer i really like it and it is going to be a huge help take care
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