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wow, nice work! I assume this is approved by the j's?

btw, is this beside Jdog's bridge after you come out of the pines/field (after the concrete bridge/wet area)?


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Six Mile Improvements - Thanks!

Thanks very much! Madness and I appreciated what was already done there last week with the first bridge.


TASTY! I'll be there this evening so will give 'em a blast too!


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I failed

It was after heavy rain... I fell... hurt my knee... not sure how bad... will see tomorrow

I still think the bridge is fine and I just lost momentum.

So check it out guys but be careful



Nice work! Just as you explained on the TM on Sunday. Now I don't have to cross the 'bridge of death' or get wiped out in the ravin because my front tire dug in deeper than I though under the water. Thanks


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Sorry about your fall last night Alex, hope your ok. Alex couldn't help himself and had to ride his new creation dispite the conditions and payed the price.....:(

We got poured on last night, but at least we didnt get killed by the lightning. Traction went bad quickly as things got wet. The trails stayed firm, but they got a top slippery layer and the roots and bridges were like ice.

I haven't been that dirty in a while. The post ride burito and beer was well earned.


Love Drunk
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wtf kinda karma is that? build a well built new feature and it slaps you in return??

hope you get better, I am looking forward to hitting it up tomorrow....

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