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this thread needs more pictures!!!!! i know i seen brian snyder snapping away yesterday!! more pixxxxx!!!



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I also saw Brendan snapping away so I'm waiting for his pictures but I think he's at Blue Mountain today so hopefully he'll post some pics tomorrow.:popcorn:


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You might be right on this. I never win any lottery except jury duty but yesterday Brandon started calling me sirwinsalot after awhile. I had 25 tickets & won on I think 5 of them. Big thanks to the sponsors for the goodies! :D

The 835xx numbers were called over and over. Were you that guy?!!! Haha.


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im not going to be a sore over not winning in the raffle. but i do agree that the box should have been shaken up between pullings.


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had a good time myself. it was nice putting some faces to names. i swept the morning short stephens ride for a little bit. i didn't get enough trail time personally, but the downhill out was fun - and considering it was a little wet i was happy about the trail conditions - overall they were pretty damn good. i had to split right after lunch - looks like the rest of the day was good.

thanks JORBA!


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Here's my bike after just 2 rides (~20 miles).


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Absolutely awesome day! It was amazing to see everyone that showed up even with the adverse weather conditions. I didn't get a chance to catch a ride, but I don't think I could have had much more fun. I've got tons of pictures I've got to go through them. We just got back from Chainstretcher and between yesterday and today the 3 of us are absolutely exhausted!

Thank you to all of the volunteers for such a great job. The Fest Committee did an amazing job getting this together. The sponsors really unloaded some amazing schwag for the raffle!

Special thanks to Mick and Brian's wife for putting up with Abigail. She really had a great time hanging out selling shirts and memberships. :D


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last year I won 11 items with 20 tickets. Seriously. I wore a pair of Independent Fabrication socks today on a road ride today that I won. I think whining is bad kharma for next years raffle! LOL


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Rigid, 29er, Singlespeed, clipped in, no hands, skinnies. This guy loves pain.

That guy's a dork!

Had a blast this year, thanks to all who showed up and all who worked asses off to make stuff happen.


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Now that we have children, I (selfishly?) try to steer them towards things I enjoy. Both kids hit biking milestones this summer, and I couldn't be happier. When we were getting ready for the kids ride someone, said this is the future of JORBA, and the ride rolled out. I asked Colin what he thought of his first group ride. His reply, "Awwwwwesome!" and all smiles.

Looking around and seeing all of the families mingling with the old farts, young bikers, and everyone else in between, emphasized the bond we all have formed on something as basic as two wheels and dirt. I was very proud to be part of this event, and can't say enough about the effort put forward by Dawn, Joe, and everyone else who helped put the festival together.
Yeah man..

I went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards and offered up a few bucks and won a cup of coffee and a few donuts. lol.

Lenny won some good stuff!


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Yesterday was so much fun, even with the weather.
As somebody else said earlier, Northern NJ has an awesome Mt Bike scene made up of really nice folks. I feel very fortunate to be part of it seeing as I'm such a Doofus:D
Gotta give a shout out to Joe, Dawn, Bob and Karen and countless others who made this event possible. Lotta hard work and time. Thanks guys!
I loved leading the 9:15 ride into Deer Park.
It was drizzling and everybody was soaked.
But we had a blast.
And yes, as Steve said, I won a few things.
However, as I already own a decent light, the one I won is being given away to one of my local ride buddies through a devious contest of my own design!:hmmm:
One more night rider terrorizing nocturnal animals, Woooohooooo!
Anyway, can't wait till next year.


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I won nothing...

Are you surprised? You trusted a lawyer of all people to keep an eye on your tickets then walked away for 20 minutes. :p

Soyouride and Chain-L win the smart marketing award. I can recall the names of a few vendors that donated swag. However, I must have heard "Yeah, I won some Soyouride butt cream!" and "Yeah, more luuuuuuube" about 100 times. Good move!

How about that kid that won the 29er! I want to hear her review of the bike after her first ride:D
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