Good Luck Sean!


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It is difficult to write this as tears roll from my face. But I wanted to wish you the best on your travels and getting started out in grand Alaska. You will be missed!


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Sean who?!

Nah, what he said.

Good luck, man. If you need help getting going, I know a few things about VBulletin now :)


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Damn, I missed all the goodbye rides. :eek:
Good luck in Alaska Sean, I am sure you'll still be keeping up your blog here and posting great pics.


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although ive never met you, youve been a great help on here to me reading through your posts. good luck with your future in alaska!! im planning on doing an alaska trip in the future..maybe we will cross paths!!


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Is today your actual flight? Hey man, have fun out there. I'm sure we'll see you online still.


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I am looking forward to many frozen booger pictures!!

Take care Sean, be safe and enjoy!!!!!


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aw thanks everyone! i feel all special now. i'll be coming back to visit around the winter holidays. everything has moved way to quickly the past two weeks and i'm still way behind. it'll be an all-nighter packing.

for future reference:

when moving halfway around the world with minimal belongings, get rid of your other belongings and start packing a month in advance. best case scenario would have you living out of your suitcase for the last week with everything sorted.

it's certainly been a great pleasure riding with all of you. i've made some pretty good friends off this site. i'll still be in touch here from ak, and i'll definitely be looking forward to coming home to ride the rocks and hang out when i do visit.

thanks again!!


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Yea man good luck! You'll be missed. Mahlon won't be the same without ya! Have fun and enjoy it!



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Wow! Good luck with your move. I don't know how I overlooked all these posts. Alaska is one of the greatest places on earth!
I go to Homer about every 4 years. Next time I'm up there i'll track you down and go for a ride.


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screw you, turncoat.



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Good things happen to good people.

Here is wishing you the very best in AK.

We only rode together a few times but I have a great respect for your passion for the sport and life in general.

Ride safe and strong



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The Horde has temporarily lost a mighty man-at-arms. In the short time we've been riding together I've found the most enjoyment in your orienteering skills. I've never had the pleasure of riding w/ someone who is even close to my trail knowledge and has such a passion for further exploration. I'll hold down dirty jersey while your away and we'll hit Stokes and/or Waway in the snow on your next visit.Have fun Weezy........
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