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  • Hey Spence talked to J last night. I heard what happened right before I arrived yesterday. Keep your head up and let me know if you ever want to just putt around somewhere. Take care of yourself!
    Hey bro it's Evan from Ride last Sunday @ Mahlon, did u receive my message ?
    Im interested in the part ... thank you so much man hope to talk to again
    Don't sell youself short, your plenty fast bro. Twin Six picked me up for this season so I will get some sweet duds to rock on the trail. I was talking to Jay...he said there are group rides on thusdays. I am going to try to make one soon here when it stops raining long enough for that place to dry out. I'll be sure to let you know.
    not worthy of a thread, but I fixed the creak...after ripping apart the BB, cranks, chain rings and such. It turned out to be a loose cassette...go figure :p I thought I'd share this victory for the motherland with you since you were present when it happened heh.
    Had a great time out there. Sorry I had to leave so soon to you guys getting there. The wife will be away all next week and I plan to get out everyday that I can. Hopefully we'll be able to finish that 6 mile ride then. Take care man - Brandon
    Ya, still alive and pedaling. Although I am a little disappointed you are selling your single speed.
    dude i cant move. im prob gonna meet alex_k at 6mile in the AM with walter i hope and then ride the canal with the chick. im gonna die good ride today
    I actually forgot that I had your cell # until just time I'll call or text! I am shot for riding the rest of this week coming to stay. Yippeeeee
    Hitting 6 mile today at 4 wheels down for like 4:10 only have time for a quick trip to s. middlebush & back to 27...if u can make it see u there...
    TOm & I gonna go over to 27 side at 4-4:30 to see how soft. I have a feeling its gonna be bad news though.
    I am sure you are right...I'll be bringing the geared little wheeled full squish Heckler to Wawayanda! I just like to talk 29 ss shit...especially to Tommycrash- been friends with him for many years, and his trance is a sweeeeet ride so I have to rip on him a bit! I do LOVE the ss at six mile though.... BTW now that the season is gettin going I try to be to six mile for like 4:15-4:30 27 side a couple times a week. TOm & I want to try to hit a few Friday or Saturday night rides too. A lot of days I just have time for 27-middlebush & back no stops but if you're ever down my cell is 732-874-1417. -Bob
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