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  • Hey Spencer, Sorry I didn't notice that you sent this message until today. I would have loved to have gone. When is the next time that you will be there? Just send me a text if possible to my cell at 609-273-5028.
    Thats good to hear. Hey, are you going to singlespeed-a-palooza?

    I'm heading up to try to redeem my DH30 (not40) performance.
    Haven't been there in like forever. I wish we could be more help. See you soon! I hope :)

    No. I got sidelined by my son. He decided to "Feed the Fish". 1/2 can of food in the tank..... This weekend is looking good though. Lets ride!
    Hey Spence it was great meeting you yesterday. Please keep me in the loop when you ride...

    Spence, Whats up man? Im sorry I didnt get this until this afternoon. Let me know when you are looking to ride again. Im in for sure. Also hope all is well with your little one...Buddy
    You know it man! I have to pick it up one of these days. Been taking it easy because I hurt my shoulder lately, but I'll be back in full swing in no time.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May 2010 bring many Miles of Smiles in your cycling adventures. See you out there on the trais...Matt
    Yeah I went to the rutgers eco trail maintenance that never happened. I have along list of cds Im burning for you, whats the best way to get them to you? Id say a ride but I know your sched is hec-tec. Are you ever at the rt27 store? Perhaps I could leave them there for you....or at Halters?
    This was a goal setter for her and when I rode with Norm a few months back he asked if she would be interested. She is not one to go in lightly as she is very competative with all things in life. Her Dhing results speak for themselves, but she has a long way to go yet...Hope all is well with you and your family and we should get together soon ...Matt
    Darn really? Was that you in the gigantic pick up that was pulling in as I left? You shoulda beeped...
    Hey Spenc, I'm still down for riding WC Sunday. I think Pearl wants to come down too What time where you thinking of getting down there? I usually start at the Judge Morris Estates lot or the shopping center down the street from it.
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