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  • hey buddy, it's me jimmy dewan. text me so i have yer cell number. mine is 908-303-8071 i have been making mtn biking shirts on a site called zazzle. here's the link to my page:* Lately i have been posting on because i have included that zazzle link on my signature and theirs a bigger community for me to tap into. Anyway, txt me when you are going riding, i want to try to get back into riding again, i just joined the gym. take care, jim
    Gonna see you at Otto's today? I was at Halter's yestiddy and saw your old Bulldogs in a bag, heading back to the Hutchinson factory for a beating. No burping!
    What's up Buddy, I am hitting Mercer tomorrow between 830-900am... I usually start at WW then head out of the park and start on the trail near the power lines and do that loop back to the WW parking lot then hit the other side of the park... Sorry so last minute... Hopefully you get this tonight... BTW I will have my pooch with me but no worries she can keep up and stays out of the way...Spence
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